Then Sings My Soul

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How are you my dear friends?

These are the current times that we live in. It can be scary, trust me I sometimes am afraid. But tonight at 11:33 PM I have been led to come here and talk with you guys. All I can say right now is selah (rest, pause). The Lord your God is with you.

Let’s pray, Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you oh Lord. Whether it is in the morning, afternoon, or night. Come be with us, let us be still Lord as we spend time with you Abba. Heal the world Lord, heal the people. Yeshua (Jesus), I pray right now touch our heavy burden hearts, make us whole. We pray AGAINST this Corona virus, Lord we believe that you can make a turn around, we believe that you can disintegrate this virus as it is not of you Lord. Thank you God for all that you do for us.

In Yeshua’s name, Amen.

So this week has been okay. Just okay you ask? Most of you are working from home, have kids, pets, and your spouse by you. While some of you may think it’s hectic and annoyed, I think that this is a good opportunity to spend time with your family at home. To me, family means EVERYTHING. I have been a family girl since I was born. I was born into a family-oriented household. While my father was absent in my life, I had my mother and God. It took years of healing to overcome the void that was in my life. Despite the Corona virus, I believe that the world got shaken up a little bit and woke up to the scary reality.

What are some things in your life that you are thankful for right now in this moment? I can say that I’m thankful that Yeshua died on the cross for our sins, my family including my sweet almost 7-month old puppy. I’m thankful that we have internet to be able to see what’s happening with our friends lives right now even though it may seem like nothing is happening at the moment. Two things that bother me about this virus is that people get heavily sick with this virus, and with people struggling, people put memes about the virus. I believe people should take this seriously as we are in a battlefield, washing your hands is very important, keeping distance with people outside (for me it’s hard because when I walk the dog with my husband we see our neighbors who walk their dog and we usually talk, but now we have to talk from a distance.)

Before this virus hit, I was planning on going to Florida to see my family and New York since I have family there. I didn’t buy any ticket since it was all in the talks. March was a crazy month, this is when it was starting to hit Canada ( I live here). We were going to the grocery store and there were lack of supplies which is toilet paper. Thank God we have many supplies, my husband and i are ready for this battle to stay home.

Lastly, I just wanted to come here and pour my heart on and check up on you. Don’t give up, you are not alone. Feel free to reach out, let me know if you have any prayer requests.

Much love and talk to you soon,