This blog post will be very detailed about women’s health, if you are uncomfortable with this, feel free to skip this post.

Before I start, I would like to extend my support and love to all the women struggling with this. I care, God cares, you’re not alone.

I have been gone for quite some time. I keep telling myself I need to write, or I have nothing to write about. But now I’m gonna be transparent with you. In September of 2019, I got diagnosed with PCOS. It stands for Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Only 1 in 10 of women suffer with this around the world, I am 1 in 10.

It all started when I was a child. I got my period at the age of 13. From there on, I was a late bloomer in maturing into a young women. My period was irregular since the age of 13. By the age of 15, I lost over 35 pounds in about two months of time. I was on this FAD diet that made me very skinny, and I was barely eating anything. I looked really skinny, in fact the skinniest I ever was in my life. I ate a big half of a cucumber sometimes in one day. That’s all I ate. After losing this weight I did have normal periods for about 3-4 years.

Sometimes I would eat half of a mac and cheese box and salad for a whole day. In my teenage mind, I didn’t know that limiting myself that much was unhealthy, I just wanted to look good, but I didn’t feel good. In high school Sophomore year, I gained more friends because of my appearance and because everyone noticed that overweight Margaret became skinny. I suddenly then became more likable.

I had struggled for years for kids bullying me for being overweight. One girl even asked me in high school if I was transgender because the pants I wore were too tight, due to me being bloated. (That wrecked me, and I was pressured to lose the weight fast, I wanted to be liked.) Fast track to end of high school years and beginning college, I started gaining weight more rapidly and couldn’t lose anymore even though I ate really clean at this point (I was eating properly).

I don’t know why I was gaining so much weight so quickly. I was still having irregular periods and severe pain in my lower abdomen. The severe pain that I had was really bad. By the year of 2018, I got married to my best friend, moved to Canada, and immigrated here. It took one year to get my free health card, and still I was missing my period

Before I got my health card, I was working at a dealership at the time, and I was noticing that I had the worst severe pain in my stomach since I had been working there, and I was scared because I was fearing something bad was happening to me. My husband and I went to a doctor in a walk-in clinic and paid a couple hundred bucks to get checked. That doctor who didn’t even check my blood pressure, weight or anything and the doctor told me that I could have an eptopic pregnancy. An eptopic pregnancy is a tubal pregnancy, the baby doesn’t form in the womb. It is very dangerous for a woman to have because it can cause death.

That day not only was I in severe pain, but I was let go of my job for no cause. So I immediately flew out to Florida, and as soon as I landed, my mom took me straight to the emergency. I had a terrible experience with the doctor that had seen me that night in the emergency. I did several painful tests, just to be told that I had cysts. I didn’t get any diagnosis, no pregnancy, and still no period. Turns out that the other doctor that I had seen in Canada gave me wrong advise, so much wrong advise that I had to fly to Florida to see if I had a dangerous pregnancy, which I wasn’t pregnant.

Once I got my health card in Canada, I finally went to see a proper doctor. I told my doctor all my symptoms, and she had sent me to get more several tests in depth done, and finally, I had gotten my results. This is when I was told that I have PCOS One thing that I will say is that all my blood work was normal except that I had over 27 cysts on each side of my ovaries, that confirmed the diagnosis. Guys, I got diagnosed at 21 years of age! I’m 22 now, most women don’t get diagnosed until they are in there older 20’s.

Now I’m not proclaiming this over myself, I believe in the power of healing in the name of the Lord. And I don’t accept the diagnosis of PCOS, because I know who I am in Jesus.

Today, I’m still working on eating healthy and making my health progress slowly. I would rather lose weight slowly, feel good, and be happy than fast and gain everything back. I’m transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, slowly but surely. I’m not perfect and I will probably still have my cheat days but I chose to eat healthier.

There are other symptoms that come with PCOS but I will not list them here since I’m trying to keep this family friendly (Of course this post isn’t for everyone, mainly women.) I will list some of the symptoms; unwanted facial hair (Praise God that for me it isn’t that bad, some women have it worse.), severe cramps, moodiness (as if your constantly PMSING), no periods, infertility (This one is a sensitive topic, you have no idea how many pregnancy tests I have took because I was always missing my period), and trouble losing weight due to inflammation in my body. The last one especially makes so much sense why it was always hard for me to lose weight.

All in all, I wanted this post to be raw, I’m done with keeping to myself. I’m still trying to figure out my journey to be healed from all of this. If your are going through this or have similar symptoms, don’t be afraid to reach out to me. We are all in this together.

If you have struggled with this for quite some time, I’m open to some advice.

God bless you all,

-Margaret Domnin